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If you are looking for a fun alternative to golf that is less expensive, require less time and is easy to learn, then FlingGolf™ is just for you! FlingGolf™ is a growing sport that involves techniques from both golf and lacrosse but is played on a golf course, with a golf ball and a FlingStick™. Whether you are an active golfer or someone who is just into sports, FlingGolf™ is the new twist on golf that is sure to grab your attention!


How to Play:

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FlingGolf™ is a fun sport that requires only one club (a FlingStick™), no golf bag to tote around and can be played in a much faster pace than regular golf. You start on the Teeing Ground and throw your golf ball down the fairway in a lacrosse or baseball style motion. You continue throwing the golf ball from each spot that your ball rests until you have made it to the green. Once on the green, you can use the FlingStick™ as a putter with a Hockey style motion. FlingGolf™ uses the same style of scoring as regular golf, so just add up the total flings that it takes you to get the golf ball into the hole.

Quick Start Rules:

FlingGolf™ Rule Card

  1. Scoring: Count your flings from tee to hole.
  2. Tee Shots: Fling the ball from behind the tee marker.
  3. Further Shots: Mark your ball where it lies and fling your ball from behind the mark.
    **You may take a step or get a running start to fling the golf ball, but do not cross the tee markers line or pass where your ball is marked**
  4. On the Green: Once your ball is on the green, you place your feet, and with the ball in the notch on the side of the FlingStick™ head, you push the ball toward the hole in a hockey motion. Do not take a real putting motion as this will cause the golf ball to go in an unwanted direction.

Book Your Tee Time......And Get Flinging!
Tee Times Begin March 13 between 3:00pm and 6:00pm.

FlingGolf Rates

With Cart

Adults 18 Holes $25
Adults 9 Holes $15
Juniors 18 Holes (17 and Under) $15
Juniors 9 Holes (17 and Under) $10
FlingStick™ Rental  
Adults FREE
Juniors (17 and Under) FREE
FlingGolf Driving Range Rates  
Small Basket $7
FlingStick® Rental $2

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