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Tips from the Golf Pros


When chipping keep the same length of swing at the same speed at all times and simply vary your club selection. if you want the ball to go farther and roll more use less loft.Keep your ball position in the same place as you would with you regular golf swing. Try not to vary your method when chipping and keep the ball as close to the ground as possible.

Controlling the Amount of Sand

Let the club cut under the ball not behind it. Take a tee and place it under the ball with the ball just above the sand. Practice clipping the tee out from under the ball. This drill will encourage a shallow cut of sand. (The tee should fly out of the bunker towards the hole.)

Statistics Play versus Practice

Percentages of Golf Shots During Play:

  • Putting 34%
  • Inside 100 yds 20%
  • Outside 100 yds 23%
  • Tee Shots 14%

Percentages of Golf Shots During Practice:

  • Putting 15%
  • Inside 100 yds less than 5%
  • Outside 100 yds 60%
  • Tee Shots 20%

Tip of the Week

Two key thoughts about putting:

  • Putt with a "1-2" rhythm
  • Smooth and steady throughout the stroke keeping your grip pressure constant from start to finish

Be steady with good rhythm to help ensure not to decelerate at impacy, which leads to a weak stroke.

Uphill Lie How to execute?

  1. Slant shoulders up the slope
  2. Play ball off the left foot
  3. Weight favors right side
  4. Ball flies higher, rolls less
  5. Take more club
  6. Aim slightly right
  7. Swing arms up the slope


If you have ever had trouble with consistency on either the distance of your putts or direction, I recommend trying to putt with a "cross-handed grip," or "left-hand low." The benefit of this grip style is that it haleps to eliminate the involvement of the right hand in hitting your putt. It also makes it easier to putt with you shoulders and not with your hands. I found that when I switched to a "cross-handed grip," I was able to get my long putts much closer to the whole on a consistent basis. I also made more five footers! A winning combination all the way around. Give it a try!

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