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Hunting Hawk Golf Association

Hunting Hawk Golf Association is pleased to announce the schedule and information for our 2023 season.  The Saturday tournament schedule will be made up of 8 events and our Summer Series tournament schedule will have 10 events.

Member Benefits:

  • Establish a handicap through the VSGA/USGA
  • Eligible to play in RGA & VSGA events
  • Monthly golf tournaments for HHGA Members Only
  • Eligible to participate in Inter-club Matches

Event Information:

  • Players are asked to check in at least 30 minutes before tee time / starting time.
  • Players are responsible for paying golf fees per round ($60 with cart on tournament days only) if you are not a club member. Members must pay $20 cart fee.  Players MUST RIDE during all association events.
  • Players will play the Black Tees, Seniors age 60-69 will play White Tees and Super Seniors age 70+ Gray Tees. Seniors with a course handicap of 7 from the black tees will play Black Tees.
  • Championship Flight will play the Talon tees in the Club Championship and Match Play Championship.
  • Players will not be allowed to choose who they play with in tournaments. Players will be randomly placed into groups and we will try to move the pairings around.
  • All members must have an established Handicap to play in association events.
  • Sign-up sheet will be posted in Pro Shop two weeks prior to date of event.
  • USGA Rules govern all play.
  • Prizes are awarded per event in the value of gift certificates that can be used in the pro shop for merchandise only.

Important Notice:


  • Players that do not show for their tee time on events days will not be allowed to play in the following event. We will require that you notify us by phone or email no later than 6:00pm the night before if you are not playing in the tournament.
  • Players will also not be able to play in the next event for an unjustified withdrawal from an event.


The “Hawk Cup”:


Going into the 2023 season the Hawk Cup format will go unchanged other than the number of Hawk Cup Tournaments dropping from six to four.  During the 4 regular season events, players will earn points based on their final standings in each tournament.  The final tournament standings will be done in a Net Division with each player receiving 75% of his handicap.  The “Hawk Cup” events are listed on the tournament schedule with an (*HC*) next to the event name.  In the event of any ties, players will receive the same amount of points.

There will be bonus points that you can receive during the season by simply playing in the events.  You will receive 10 bonus points per non- Hawk Cup event that you play in during the regular season, and you can also earn 10 points by playing in Summer Series events with a 25 point bonus for playing in five.

Take advantage of these bonus opportunities which could help you make the Top 12!

At the conclusion of our season, we will have our Hawk Cup Championship which is a now a one-day, individual competition for the Top 12 players in the Hawk Cup Standings.  The Hawk Cup Champion will be the individual that has the lowest handicap score for the Hawk Cup Championship.  The winner will receive “The Hawk Cup” along with a FREE One Year Full Golf Membership to Hunting Hawk Golf Club that is valid for 2024 season and beings on January 1st.




1 50
2 46
3 42
4 38
5 34
6 30
7 28
8 26
9 24
10 22
11 20
12 19
13 18
14 17
15 16
16 15
17 14
18 13
19 12
20 11

The Membership that is won is non-transferable and is valid from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024.

Membership Dues:

Our member dues are staying the same for this season and allow you to play in any of the Hunting Hawk Golf Association events.  Your membership dues do not include the daily fees required to play on tournament days.  Keep in mind that all of the money that we collect in Association Dues is used to pay out for the prize fund, update and purchase tournament trophies, annual VSGA Handicap Fee and to provide an end of season party for all of our members.

Club Members - $125
Non – Club Members - $175

**Membership Referral Special**

 Any current HHGA Member that brings in a new player that joins the Association will receive a free round of golf at Hunting Hawk that can be used during an event or at their own leisure. 
There is no limit on how many rounds you can receive, so start recruiting!!

Off Saturday Group:

Any member of the Hunting Hawk Golf Association is able to play in the Off Saturday Group which takes place on non-event Saturday mornings.  The group will play a two player blind draw with a Stableford Format.  This does involve a $15 fee to take part in the game, skins and closest to the pins.  Non-HHGA Members will NOT be allowed to play in the Off Saturday Group.  This group is exclusive to HHGA members only.  Off Saturday tee times will be limited to 5 tee times.


Association Director:

Smitty Smithson


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15201 Ashland Rd
Glen Allen, VA 23059
(804) 749-1900
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