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Hunting Hawk Golf Association

Hunting Hawk Golf Association is pleased to announce the schedule and information for our 2016 season. We have made numerous changes to this years schedule as well as a few tweaks to The Hawk Cup. Tournament dates this year will be on both Saturday and Sunday mornings to help work with players ever changing work schedules. The tournament formats have changes some as well which will keep some of the favorites in the mix as well as some new fun events. The tournament schedule for the 2016 season will include 18 weekend events and 8 nine hole events. We have also have a Battle at Hunting Hawk team match at the end of the year pitting Team Jeff vs. Team Smitty. Should be a fun year and look forward to some great times!

Member Benefits:

  • Establish a handicap through the VSGA/USGA
  • Eligible to play in RGA & VSGA events
  • Monthly golf tournaments for HHGA Members Only
  • Eligible to participate in Inter-club Matches

Event Information:

  • Players are asked to check in by 7:30am, with announcements starting at 7:45am.
  • Players are responsible for paying golf fees per round ($45 with cart on tournament days only) if you are not a club member. Members must pay $18 cart fee. Players MUST RIDE during all association events.
  • Seniors age 60+ with a Course Handicap of 10 or higher can play the White Hawk Tees.
  • Championship Flight will play the Talon tees in the Club Championship and Match Play Championship.
  • Players will not be allowed to choose who they play with in tournaments. Players will be randomly placed into groups and we will try to move the pairings around.
  • All members must have an established Handicap to play in association events.
  • Sign-up sheet will be posted in Pro Shop two weeks prior to date of event.
  • USGA Rules govern all play.
  • Prizes are awarded per event in the value of gift certificates that can be used in the pro shop for merchandise only.

Important Notice:

  • Players that do not show for their tee time on events days will not be allowed to play in the following event. We will require that you notify us by phone or email no later than 6:00pm the night before if you are not playing in the tournament.

  • Players will also not be able to play in the next event for an unjustified withdrawal from an event.

The "Hawk Cup:"

Going into the 2016 season we have made a couple of changes to "The Hawk Cup" which is now an 11 tournament race for a 20 player playoff at the end of the season. During the 11 regular season events, players will earn points based on their final standings in each tournament. The final tournament standings will be done in a Net Division with each player receiving 75% of his handicap. The "Hawk Cup" events are listed on the tournament schedule with an (*HC*) next to the event name. There will be two events that will be considered "Majors" that are listed on the tournament schedule with an (*HC-Major*) next to the event name, which will award double the points. In the event of any ties, a match of cards will be done so that all players receive the points for their position. Players will not receive the same amount of points as someone else.

There will be bonus points that you can receive during the season by simply playing in the events. You will receive 25 bonus points if you play in at least two of the six non- Hawk Cup events during the regular season, and you can also earn 25 bonus points by playing in 3 of the 8 Summer Series events.

Take advantage of these 50 bonus points which could help you make the Top 20!

At the conclusion of our season, we will have our Hawk Cup Championship which is a one-day, individual competition for the Top 20 players in the Hawk Cup Standings. The Hawk Cup Champion will be the individual with the lowest net total at the conclusion of play. Players will receive 75% of their handicap for this event. The winner will receive "The Hawk Cup" along with a FREE One Year Full Golf Membership to Hunting Hawk Golf Club that is valid for 2017.



1 32
2 31
3 30
4 29
5 28
6 27
7 26
8 25
9 24
10 23
11 22
12 21
13 20
14 19
15 18
16 17



17 16
18 15
19 14
20 13
21 12
22 11
23 10
24 9
25 8
26 7
27 6
28 5
29 4
30 3
31 2
32 1

The Membership that is won is non-transferable and is valid from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. A cart plan and range plan are available for an add on purchase.

Off Saturday tee times will still be available to Hunting Hawk Golf Association Member's Only on all Saturday's during the season that there are no events. Players will be charged a passport guest rate and tee times will begin around 9:00am. We do ask that any players that choose to play in these Off Saturday spaces that they play any games that we may be offering. Those games usually include a $5 or $10 entry, depending on how many players at playing.

Membership Dues

Our member dues are staying the same for this season and allow you to play in any of the Men's Golf Association events. Your membership dues do not include the daily fees required to play on tournament days. Keep in mind that all of the money that we collect in Association Dues is used to pay out for the prize fund, update and purchase tournament trophies, annual VSGA Handicap Fee and to provide an end of season party for all of our members.

Club Members - $125 Non – Club Members - $165

Click Here For Our Association Membership Program

**Membership Referral Special**

Any current HHGA Member that brings in a new player that joins the Men's Association will receive a free round of golf at Hunting Hawk that can be used during an event or at their own leisure. There is no limit on how many rounds you can receive, so start recruiting!

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